We all want our favourite garments to last a long time, and both our environment and our wallets benefit from us giving a little extra thought to how we look after our clothes.

Here we present five tips for a stylish and sustainable wardrobe:

  1. Wash less often – you might be able to remove some stains without washing the whole garment. If you skip a wash from time to time, you’ll be doing the environment and the fit and colour of your clothes a favour. If you do need to wash a garment, follow the instructions on the wash care label, and it’s a good idea to wash it inside out.
  1. Air your clothes – a good tip that quickly freshens up your clothes. An airing stand is ideal on a balcony or veranda and has space for lots of garments that can be hung back in your wardrobe a few hours later.
  1. Get the hang of it – use good hangers! Good hangers are essential and can help garments keep their shape for much longer. Dry newly laundered shirts on inflatable hangers to let air circulate in the fabric, and you avoid ugly marks from conventional hangers. Use velvet-covered hangers for tops made of delicate fabrics to minimise the risk of wear and tear from hard plastic hangers.
  1. Use the right dosage for your wash – sometimes we can be too hasty when dosing and end up using a little more laundry detergent than necessary. It doesn’t make the clothes cleaner, and instead leaves residue on the clothes that can create stains.
  1. Recycle – an important tip! Old clothes can perhaps be used by someone else, or why not reused? A worn-out shirt may be perfect for washing windows with, or a skirt that you have grown tired of could well become your neighbour’s new favourite 🙂