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Iron with finesse!

For some ironing is meditative and for others it feels like a chore that should just be done with to free up time for other things. However, in both cases one wants a great ironing result with the least amount of effort.
With this in mind, we have developed ingenious products that will facilitate your ironing and – simply – make your everyday life much smoother!

One such feature is the super smart cord minder which stops the cord of your iron from getting tangled up and in the way of your ironing. Clever and a must-have for some. Our ironing boards Exclusive and Emma are two examples with a cord minder.

Do you need a place to hang your shirts while you are ironing? Then you may want an ironing board with a hanger holder! A very practical feature that facilitates your ironing more than you think.
If this is the thing for you, check out our ironing boards Facile and Grande.

Are you short of space and want to be able to easily store your ironing board after using it? Just fold and hang it, for example in a wardrobe. Smart and simple! Our Tempo and Pulse are available with hooks.

Where do you do your ironing? In front of the telly watching your favourite show, or in the kitchen, so that you can keep an eye on the cooker? We all have different routines, but there may not be a wall socket within reach.
Our ironing board Connect is designed with an integrated extension cord to suit every space.

Once you have found your favourite functions and features, you probably also want the right accessories.
Use our ironing cloth Nova on sensitive textiles to protect your delicate garments or our practical ironing foil Luna that helps to prevent heat marks and shiny surfaces on synthetics, silks and curtains. Two very smart products designed to make your textiles last longer.

There you go some ideas, functions and products … developed to make your ironing super simple!

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Microfiber – efficient, eco-friendly and economical!

Cleaning using microfiber cloths is both smart and easy as no chemical cleaners are needed.

Their unique design makes them perfect for cleaning. In a microscope you can see that the fibers are shaped like asterisks, which, when statically charged, absorb dust, dirt and bacteria, unlike many other cleaning materials which just push the particles forward. Things simply get cleaner with microfiber!

For the best possible results, microfiber cloths and mops can be used either wet or dry and are easy to rinse off after use. The cloths and mops are also suitable for machine wash – without using fabric softener – which makes the fibers lose their electrostatic characteristics.
If you happen to add softener, don’t worry! Just wash the cloths a couple of times using only detergent and they will be as good as new.

Microfiber materials are very durable. If properly maintained these cleaning products can be washed and reused many, many times.

Our extensive product range includes floor mops and cleaning cloths with different thicknesses and designs to suit all kinds of surfaces and purposes.

Microfiber should be everyone’s best friend as it is kind to your wallet as well as your home environment!

Click HERE to find your new microfiber favorites!

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Do you have a large family?

Or do you just have a lot of laundry and think that traditional drying stands are not enough?

All drying needs are different and the size of the garments vary so it can be difficult to find a drying stand that fits.

We have developed two new drying stands, where we focused on getting as much drying space as possible but without having to compromise with the compact design. A drying rack shouldn’t take up too much space.

First we have – Drying stand SIERRA which with the wings unfolded gives you 20 meter drying space! Add the locking of the wings, extra stabile and easy peasy folding so you have a drying stand that is perfect for the home with extra drying needs.

Still not satisfied? Want to have even more? Then it’s drying stand SPACE you need. With a drying space of as much as 22 meters, locking of both legs AND wings, super stable and a stylish design, there is literally nothing to complain about.

Do you have something on your mind when it comes to drying stands? Features you lack or features you desire? Send us an email, we are happy to receive your thoughts and comments to make future drying racks as good as possible!

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Which cover fits my ironing board?

…It’s a question we often get. It may seem like a jungle when it comes to cover but if you have the answer to two questions you have come a long way!

1. Do I have an ironing board with an expanded metal top or chipboard?
2. What is the size of the ironing surface?

Do you have our ironing board Ballade with chipboard you should choose our cover Daisy which is specially adapted for the shape our chipboard has.

However, if you have an expanded metal table, there are a few more choices you need to make.

As mentioned, first you need to check the ironing surface measurements, our most common tables have the ironing surface 38×120 cm or 32×112 cm. Then you need to decide if you want a standard cotton cover which is the most common choice or a metallized surface. Our metallized covers have a coating of aluminium flakes which reflect the heat and makes for faster ironing …  saving both energy and money;) Do you want to test metallized? Then you go for Peggy or Oscar.

Our top seller among covers is Mary – a cotton cover with extra thick felt padding, included is also rubber strap that keeps the cover firmly in place.

Not an exception but rather a rule when it comes to us, we of course have some special tables that have their own unique dimensions and therefor their own cover. Do you for example have one of our Facile ironing boards specially designed for shirt you should choose the Fanny or Fanny Express cover. Or you might have invested in an extra-large ironing surface and have our Grande at home, then the cover is Gloria for you. Our super-stable and specially shaped ironing board Companion needs the cover Nelly.

Finally we have our newcomers Tempo and Tempo eject for these the cover Fiona is an excellent fit!

Whichever cover you choose, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive an Oeko-tex certified cover in 100% cotton and solid padding – that fit our ironing boards perfectly!

So, does it feel a bit easier choosing now? If not, just ask us, we are more than happy to help you!

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